EvoMediCon provides transparent research collaboration and consultancy encompassing modern drug design, synthesis and project management. This includes IP evaluation and scientific education.

Our flexible collaboration model provides consistent service, fast time lines and excellent quality. We support your preclinical drug projects in all their needs.

For the design strategy, EvoMediCon engages in modern medicinal chemistry approaches using multi-parameter and hypothesis based design.

Our first rate project transparency with unlimited knowledge transfer assures continous scientific and organizational development.

Furthermore, workshops in drug design methodologies and in organic small molecule synthesis are something we would love to share with you!


Modern Drug Design • Compound Supply • Project Collaboration • IP • Partnership

Modern Drug Design: Cross-functional, hypothesis based multi-parameter design – for maximum potency, exposure and optimal safety margins. Synthesized compounds are to address issues, reducing the overall load on the screening cascade among other benefits.

Compound Supply: EvoMediCon’s consortium with MedalChemy (Spain) incorporates European based CRO to synthesize your compounds in a fast, efficient and economic way. Capabilities cover delivery of small libraries, mg to kg scale compounds, including GMP certified compounds.

Project Collaboration: EvoMediCon will coordinate all project aspects in their entirety, and if necessary provide missing parts of a project, i.e. synthesis, in-vitro/in-vivo testing or safety assessments. Being a single outsourcing channel guarantees faster delivery, more efficiency, and most of all cost-effectiveness.

"We know that lean research works!"

IP: Patent and literature evaluation of competitor situation. Patent drafting based on our proficiency*, allows for reduced costs and higher quality feedback. (*final collaboration with a patent lawyer compulsory)

Partnership: We invite partnerships to take innovative academic projects to business proposals.


Combined, we have more than 30 years in the field of pre-clinical drug discovery and design. In this short time, we have delivered a total of 11 Candidate Drugs, of which 5 reached human trials, and one reaching Phase II trials delivering a PoC.

Alex B.E. Minidis
Chief Science Officer
Peter Söderman
Portfolio Manager
Fernando F Huerta
Head of Chemistry

Advisory board: Scientific: Jan-Erik Nyström, PhD, Per I. Arvidsson, PhDHR/Business: Prof Björn Haring.



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